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Vascular Laser for Facial Spider Veins

Vascular lasers are non-ablative devices that target the hemoglobin swimming in your blood vessels. Facial spider veins are planted just under the surface of the skin—this bloody red color absorbs lasers that fall in the 500 to 600 nm range.

Common vascular lasers include the pulsed dye laser, the KTP, and the Nd:YAG laser. Each of these destroy spider veins that measure less than three millimeters in diameter (1/10th of an inch), while leaving surrounding tissues unharmed. Each zap feels somewhat like a rubber band snap.

Vascular lasers can discolor and bruise the skin for 48 hours. Laser treatment reduces existing spider veins. It won’t stop new veins from appearing in the future. The average cost for vascular laser treatment is $200 to $450 per session.

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