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Fraxel for Lip Wrinkles ("smoker's Mouth" Or "lipstick Lines")

Fraxel is the preferred laser treatment for lipstick lines. It costs about $500 to $1,000 dollars per treatment. Between one and five treatments will be needed to see results depending on the type of Fraxel laser used. Fraxel will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, though for best results it should be combined with fillers and wrinkle reducing toxins.

Swelling and brown spotting for three to five days following Fraxel is extremely common. Medium to dark-skinned patients run the risk of hyperpigmentation following treatment, or darkening of the skin.

The skin is unattractive directly after the more aggressive Fraxel laser treatments - it appears to be scraped and swollen for up to three days following the procedure and is bright pink for up to a week afterward. After a week, makeup can be worn on the skin and patients can return to work.

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