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Dysport for Neck Bands

Dysport is a muscle relaxing toxin that can be used to treat neck bands. Dysport is injected along the platysma, reducing neck bands by disabling the affected muscle. Neck bands take two to three days to react to Dysport injections. Results continue to improve two weeks after treatment.

Three Dysport units has the muscle relaxing power of one unit of Botox, so for neck bands, physicians recommend at least 60, and as many as 150, Dysport units. Taking this ratio into consideration, Dysport is sold at a lower cost than Botox —about $5 per unit – making the overall cost of Dysport the same or slightly less than Botox. Dysport injections reduce neck bands for three to six months.

Any time a toxin like Dysport or Botox is injected into the platysma muscle, swallowing and speaking disorders like dysphagia and dysphonia can arise if the treatment is not performed correctly. See an experienced cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

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