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Dysport for Lip Wrinkles ("smoker's Mouth" Or "lipstick Lines")

Because lipstick lines are created because of the puckering of the mouth, muscle-relaxing injectables like and Dysport are very helpful. Not only does the careful, conservative injection of Dysport into the muscles around the mouth in tiny amounts reduce existing lipstick lines, relaxing the muscles makes future wrinkles less likely to form. Because very small amounts of the toxin are injected, more frequent injections are required – every two to three months.

If your lipstick lines are moderate to severe, you will need to combine the wrinkle reducing toxins with fillers for the wrinkles, and perhaps a skin resurfacer, such as dermabrasion or laser treatment. Combining procedures makes treatment more effective overall.

Make sure you have a very experienced doctor before having Dysport injected into the muscles surrounding the lips. If too much of the toxin is injected, you may be left unable to speak clearly or entirely close your mouth until the dosage wears off.

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