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Dysport for Crow's Feet

Often used for the treatment of crow's feet, Dysport is an injectable wrinkle reducing toxin similar to Botox. It works by weakening the muscles that cause crow’s feet. If properly injected into the muscles around the eye, Dysport will banish (or at least lessen) the appearance of crow’s feet for three to six months.

Patients require about 30 units of Dysport per treated eye because Dysport is less effective per unit than Botox.

Dysport injections around the eyes can cause side effects. One of the most common is drooping eyelids or brows. This problem is temporary and should resolve itself in three to eight days.

Like Botox, Dysport injections are only mildly uncomfortable.

Anecdotally, Dysport starts to take effect more quickly than Botox – within 24 hours as opposed to within 72 hours for Botox.

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