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Dermabrasion for Lip Wrinkles ("smoker's Mouth" Or "lipstick Lines")

In some cases, a deep dermabrasion can help reduce or remove lipstick lines. Dermabrasion involves removing the top layer of skin with a sort of high-tech sander (not unlike the ones used for evening floors.) The damaged, wrinkled upper layer of the dermis is removed, and a fresh, new layer emerges.

Dermabrasion is particularly well-suited for medium-depth to deep wrinkles. The procedure costs between $1,000 and $4,000. The results can be long-lasting.

The procedure is not without significant shortcomings, however. Dermabrasion involves a significant amount of recovery time as the body needs to time to heal afterward. The skin will be a bright pink or red for weeks, if not months (so think about whether you want a pink mustache for that length of time).

It is painful and you will need either local or general anesthesia. Your skin will be more sensitive to sunburn after the procedure. Hypopigmentation (permanently lightened skin) is possible.

There are certain medical conditions that rule out dermabrasion. If you have ever had oral herpes, you should not have dermabrasion around the mouth. If the herpes returns while the skin is healing, the virus can rapidly spread throughout the skin, causing pain and permanent scarring. Taking Accutane for acne can also lead to scarring in the dermabraded area. Fully disclose all medical conditions and sensitivities to your doctor.

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