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Which peel is best for enlarged pores and crow's feet?

George Lefkovits, New York, NY
“For enlarged pores you can either have a tricloroacetic (TCA) peel or a series of glycolic acid peels. I prefer using glycolic acid because it is a natural product and not a chemical and you can return to work immediately. To treat crow's feet the best treatment is Botox, not a peel.” Read more
Janie Shelton, Mcdonough, GA
“We either use the TCA peel or refer clients to dermatologists. The TCA is great, but needs to be used with great care in the area around the eye. It's best to schedule a TCA for times when you aren't heading to the beach.” Read more
Deanna Toribio, Thousand Oaks, CA
“Glycolic peels work well for enlarged pores.” Read more
Dawn Davidson, Vernon Hills, IL
“Ritacca Laser Center has been using Allumera with great success for decreasing pore size. Allumera also helps with skin texture, tone and discoloration.” Read more
Robert Strimling, Las Vegas, NV
“Enlarged pores are always difficult and may require multiple peels and on-going maintenance plan with a prescription strength or medical grade topical (at home) skin care program, such as our ClairMD line or Obagi. I would recommend 20-30% Salacid peels for a no down-time to minimal down-time...” Read more
Jody Levine, New York, NY
“The MicroLaser Peel precisely ablates the surface layers of the skin, improving skin texture and tone, reducing wrinkles and acne scarring, and promoting healthier-looking, more vibrant skin. With MicroLaser Peel, youÃ'¢''ll notice outstanding, immediate results in the short-term, with...” Read more
Nelson Novick, New York, NY
“A variety of peels may be used to tighten enlarged pores. These include TCA (in low concentrations), glycolic acid, Jessner's and salicylic acid. One peel session is seldom sufficient. In general, a series of 4-6 peels spaced at two to four week intervals provides the most satisfactory results....” Read more
Loren DePinto, Garden City, NY
“No peel, microdermabrasion is better for fine lines (crows feet) and enlarged pores” Read more

I want to lose weight.

It only takes three letters to describe one of the weightiest words: Fat. But not all fat is created equal.

Visceral fat is practically invisible, collecting internally around major abdominal organs. It plagues mainly sedentary individuals. Even the naturally skinny (but lazy) can be victimized by visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is the kind most people are all too familiar with - the fat that rolls over your waistband and pools under your chin. It's pinchable, pullable, pokeable, and resides just under the skin.

Aside from looking in a mirror, excess weight is determined by calculating one's body mass index (BMI). The BMI is a formula based on height and weight, and it separates people into four categories: underweight, normal, overweight, and obese. One is typically considered obese with a BMI of 30 or higher.

Excess weight amasses over time due to decreased physical activity, changes in hormone levels, and a metabolism that slows with age, causing fat to be burned…

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Thermage reduces signs of aging, like loose skin, cellulite and wrinkles, by stimulating the body's supply of collagen - the protein that makes up 80% of the skin.

Thermage not only improves the condition of existing collagen but further stimulates the body fresh collagen, thus revitalizing and tightening the skin.

Thermage uses a kind of radiofrequency (RF) energy that passes through the skin to heat and tighten underlying tissues and increase collagen production, which in turns smooths the surface of the skin.

Radiofrequency (RF) energy is just another name for radio waves. Not only can radio carry sound, it can also transmit energy and heat. Microwaves, for example, use radio waves to heat food. Radiofrequency energy can also be used to deliver targeted heat into deep layers of body tissue without affecting the surface of the skin.

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Home teeth whitening (bleaching)

Social habits, like smoking and sipping on dark beverages, can tarnish the surface of teeth, causing them to appear yellow and discolored. Home teeth whitening systems can reverse this natural wear and tear, resulting in a whiter smile.

Home bleaching kits come in the form of strips or trays, containing one of two active ingredients—either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Both are equally prevalent in home whitening products and produce comparable results. Learn about two of the most popular and effective home whitening systems: Crest WhiteStrips and Rembrandt FormFit.

Carbamide peroxide was the first ingredient to be used. A slightly gentler compound, carbamide appears in these products in higher concentrations. On average, home bleaching kits contain 5% hydrogen peroxide or 10% carbamide peroxide (dentists can use more than four times this amount). When exposed to water, peroxides create a chemical reaction that breaks down the pigmented elements responsible…

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Sunless tanning

Tanning can give the skin an attractive golden glow. But UVA and UVB rays from the sun can also wrinkle your skin (through breaking down elastin and collagen) and increase the likelihood of developing melanomas and other skin cancers.

The solution, for many, is sunless tanning. A sunless tan can be achieved in one of many ways and most commonly involves the application of reactive chemicals (DHA and/or erythrulos—more on them later) to the skin to give it the appearance of a suntan without actually spending time in the sun.

It's possible to temporarily color the face without chemicals - through the use of cosmetic bronzers, which are tinted powders or creams - but if you're looking for an overall glow that won't wash off right away, sunless tanning is the way to go. Keep in mind that sunless tanning does not provide any protection from the sun - it's not a "base tan."

Sunless tanners come in two main forms: lotions and spray tans. You can apply these lotions and…

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