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A double couples massage – four Zeel Massage Therapists at once!

Posted on: January 7, 2014
By: MarcyAtZeel

This past Friday night, in the aftermath of the so-called “Hercules” snowstorm, we received a request from a Long Island Zeel member: could we set up two couples massages in an hour?  Yes, we could. Zeel Massage Therapist Ilia Gerassimov, took this photos of the happy event.

Our ZMT massage team! Linda James, Ilia Gerassimov, Alex Pollack and Nancy King.

Our ZMT massage team! Linda James, Ilia Gerassimov, Alex Pollack and Nancy King.

Looking for a couples massage for yourself?  Just book on the Zeel app for iPhone or Android or on, and tell us in the notes field that you’d like a couples massage.






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Zeel and Well +Good celebrate the new Athleta with massage and fitness

Posted on: November 26, 2013
By: MarcyAtZeel

Downtown girls have no excuse for suiting up in the cutest of exercise gear now that a spanking new Athleta’s opened up at 126 Fifth.  To celebrate, Well + Good threw a Fitness Biathlon this past Saturday, featuring hardcore toning and cardio classes, followed by an afterparty at Athleta. That’s where Zeel came in!

Zeel brought five of our fantastic Zeel Massage Therapists (ZMTs) to Athleta to help Well + Good workout vets unwind and recharge after a very active two hours.

The Zeel dream team of ZMTs: Carole Tingling, Chauvet Bishop, Richard Valentine, Nina Genco and Ihtiyor Mukhamatsaidov

The Zeel dream team of ZMTs: Carole Tingling, Chauvet Bishop, Richard Valentine, Nina Genco and Ihtiyor Mukhamatsaidov


Our therapists were tucked into corners throughout the store, offering chair massages to attendees.

Multitasker ZMT Ihtiyor smiles for the camera while giving a Zeel Massage

Multitasker ZMT Ihtiyor smiles for the camera while giving a Zeel Massage

Massage by Chauvet right next to the dressing room

Massage by Chauvet right next to the dressing room


Zeel raffled off a Massage Zeelot Starter Kit (including a professional-grade massage table and a 60-minute in-home Zeel Massage) to one lucky winner.

Zeel about to make someone's day!

Zeel about to make someone’s day!

Attendees posed for the camera, shopped, got makeovers and enjoyed healthy snacks and drinks in between Zeel Massages.

If only we all looked this good after working out for two hours!

If only we all looked this good after working out for two hours!

Zeel CEO Samer Hamadeh stopped by to enjoy the event.

Zeel CEO Samer Hamadeh and Well + Good co-founder Alexia Brue

Zeel CEO Samer Hamadeh and Well + Good co-founder Alexia Brue

It was a great event. Thanks to Well + Good and Athleta for having Zeel in the house!

Even the dog enjoyed the event!

Even the dog enjoyed the event!



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How to Store Your Zeel Massage Table and Lead a Happy, Massage-Filled Existence

Posted on: November 22, 2013
By: MarcyAtZeel

So you’re thinking of getting a massage table with Massage Zeelot. But you need to store it, right?  No problem.

Zeel visited several New York City-sized apartments and learned just how easy it is to integrate the Zeel Massage Table into your décor and lifestyle.

Folded up, the Zeel Massage Table measures 28 inches wide, 37 inches long and 5 inches high.

folded up table


If you have 6 inches or more of clearance under your bed, your Zeel Massage Table will slide underneath for easy storage.  Here’s the table under Amanda’s queen-size bed.

Table under bed


Ta-da! Massage table is hidden.

table hidden under bed


The Zeel Massage Table can also fit into closets of reasonable size (do not try in a broom closet).

closet table


Have a platform bed?  Need to save your closets for shoes and sweaters? No problem. Karina stores her Zeel Massage Table next to her laundry in her studio apartment.

Karina storage


Safely tucked away.

laundry basket


In short, the Zeel Massage Table will fit perfectly into your home and your massage-filled life.  Enjoy!

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$99 Zeel Massage On Demand Massages. Forever for Zeelots!

Posted on: August 23, 2013
By: MarcyAtZeel

This table could be yours for free!

We have some exciting changes afoot (or a-table) here at Zeel, and it’s equally exciting to be able to share them with you! (To summarize: we are excited.)

This Friday, Zeel introduces what we believe based on at least three Google searches to be the first ever on-demand, in-home massage subscription. This is the next logical step after Seamless and Netflix. By signing up for what we’re calling the Massage Zeelot program. Here’s how it works.

1)      Sign up.

2)      We ship you a professional massage table. It’s yours to keep! When not being used for a massage, it folds up to easily fit in a closet or under a bed. It can also be used for sorting laundry.

3)      You are now able to book at least one in-home massage per month at the special Zeelot rate of $99.

4)      If you want more than one massage per month, you can get them, also at the delightful $99 rate.

5)      If you get super-busy and miss a month (like February, so short and sneaky) your credits will roll over and won’t expire, so don’t fret.

Plus, if you’re a “try before you buy” type, we’re offering ALL our massages, each and every one, for $99 until September 8th.  Experience how wonderful a monthly in-home massage can be!

Of course you probably want to become a Zeelot , so go here and sign up (program starts September 9!).

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Inner Calm in 60 Seconds, Thanks to Lululemon Founder(?)

Posted on: June 26, 2013
By: MarcyAtZeel

We know a lot of you like to do yoga in order to de-stress   (after all, we can’t get a massage every day… or can we?)  Now the founders of ultra-popular, Luon-scented, see-through yoga pant-vending, Randian company lululemon have started a new company called Whil – based on teaching you how to meditate in a mere 60 seconds. Take a look and see if you can squeeze a little efficient Zen into your day.

If you’re seeking a less website-based approach, check out this list of New York Magazine’s best places to meditate in the flesh (and mind).

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Massage Helps You Bounce Back After a Tough Workout. Ask a Rabbit

Posted on: June 13, 2013
By: MarcyAtZeel

Pre-massage rabbit

Rabbits are pretty speedy animals. But how do they feel after a vigorous dash through a bucolic meadow? Well, according to recent research, massage helps bunnies bounce back quickly after a long run.  This study found that massaging muscles immediately after intense exercise can restore their function more quickly than waiting until they feel sore, most likely by reducing swelling and inflammation in muscles by manually moving out fluids.

We know it’s unlikely that you’re a rabbit, but word is that post-workout massage will help humans bounce back too.

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What Dad Wants for Father’s Day, Besides a Zeel Massage, Which You Should Get for Him

Posted on: June 10, 2013
By: MarcyAtZeel

Father’s Day is June 16th, and of all the Hallmarkian holidays, this one can be the most problematic. What does Dad really want?   We are not all blessed with hipster dads who can be mollified with a jug of artisanal mayonnaise or vintage fixie bike.  While, as you will soon see below, we will obviously posit that an in-home massage from Zeel is an excellent gift to get Dad, there are other good options as well.

Option One:  In Which We Work For Zeel Massage and Love Massage, and Know that Dads Do Too, so Obviously Get Him A Zeel Massage On Demand℠

While we hesitate to generalize, most fathers of our acquaintance do not long for the special Bulgarian rose oil treatment at a fancy salon. Rather, they seek an excellent and convenient massage treatment with a relatively minimum of muss, fuss, phone tag and frou. That is what Zeel Massage On Demand brings – his choice of relaxing Swedish or invigorating deep tissue/sports massage and a male or female therapist, at the location he wants, when he wants it.  Get Dad a Zeel gift card, we will send him said card along with your gift message, and the massage power will then be his.  And he will love you even more. (Also a great option if you’re picking up a present at the last minute.) Check out our gift packages and cards here, please.

Option Two: Booze

Clearly not all fathers drink (and if they drink, it’s your fault!  Just kidding. Sort of). However, if they relish the occasional or not-so-occasional indulgence in everyone’s fave legal intoxicant, * you would be well-served by picking up some wine, beer or liquor for paternal enjoyment. If you are not nearby and need to make said purchase online, might we suggest Lot18 for wine fans.  If Dad likes beer and you’d rather not pick up a six-pack of PBR from the local bodega, check out Let’s Pour, which has the main advantage of offering free shipping on orders of 6+ bottles of craft beer (because shipping can be pricey on those suckers).  If you’ve run out of time to ship in time for Father’s Day, or if you think Dad might prefer a manly brown liquor, we can highly recommend  Park Avenue Liquor in New York City.  Fun fact: Park Avenue Liquor is on Madison Avenue.

*outside Colorado and Washington

Option Three:  A Hammock

Just think about it. Dad would love a hammock. He could set it up, which even technically-challenged dads can typically do, which will make him feel like a true family provider. Or you can help him set it up for hammock family bonding time. Then he can loll, gently swaying to and fro. He can even drink one of the beers/wines/whiskeys you kindly purchased for him. Hammocks can be set up indoors or outdoors. And there is a website called!  Of course there is!

Other ideas: tickets to his favorite band/sports team/museum, fancy salts, a portrait of him scribbled with crayon (if you are under the age of 5)

Do not buy: a tie (unless you know for sure that he wants one, but even if he says he wants one, he probably doesn’t, and that includes pocket squares)

But really, get him a Zeel Massage.

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Zeel Massage and Organic Avenue, together on the Upper West Side this June

Posted on: May 24, 2013
By: MarcyAtZeel

At Zeel, we take Massage On Demand seriously.  We’re also serious about wellness and feeling great. That’s why we’re thrilled to be partnering with Organic Avenue this June.

Organic Avenue is the leading provider of organic cold pressed juices, raw food cleansing programs, snacks, superfoods, truly natural beauty products, healthy lifestyle education and community building events.  And for four Saturdays from 1 pm to 4 pm in June (June 1, June 8, June 15, June 22), Zeel will be providing free Massage On Demand chair massages at Organic Avenue’s Upper West Side location.  Fresh raw organic juice + massage = healthy bliss! A massage is also great when you’re mid-cleanse, to help your body continue to expel those nasty toxins.

Massages are first-come, first-serve. So come see us and be served!   Organic Avenue UWS is located at 461 Amsterdam Avenue, right at 82nd Street. It’s a beautiful store and a great place for massage! See you there.

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See Zeel Massage On Demand In Action on ABC! Plus A Mother’s Day Bonus

Posted on: May 8, 2013
By: MarcyAtZeel

Have you ever wanted to see Zeel Massage On Demand ℠ in action?  After all, unless you’ve had the pleasure of a Zeel Massage of your very own, it can seem like magic.

Wonder no more.  ABC Eyewitness News has done you  the favor of doing a piece on Zeel, which you can watch right now.  See Zeel CEO Samer Hamadeh and Zeel Massage Therapist Lisa Veyka talk about Zeel (and watch Lisa perform a massage!)

Oh, and if you think Mom (or you, if you’re Mom) would like to experience Zeel Massage On Demand, we have good news for you.  We’re offering $25 off your Mother’s Day massage gift – but this offer is only good through Mother’s Day.  Just enter 4MOM when you book.

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The Care and Feeding of Personal Massage Tables (well, not feeding)

Posted on: April 30, 2013
By: MarcyAtZeel

Do you love massage?  Prove your love – and improve your massage experience – by getting a massage table of your very own.

How big are massage tables?

Massage tables typically range in size from 27 to 32 inches wide and 80 to 84 inches long or thereabouts.  The massage table offered by us, your good friends at Zeel, through the Zeel Free Massage Table Program is 28 inches wide and 37 inches long, and adjusts to a height of 24 to 34 inches.

However, your massage table does not live in its open state all the time. It folds up!  When folded, for example, Zeel’s free massage table measures a mere 28 by 37 inches and is 5 inches high. At that size, it can be stored under your bed (if you don’t have one of those West Elm platforms) or in a medium-sized closet.

How much do massage tables cost?

Massage tables range in price from $99 to thousands of dollars.  You can get a very good massage table for home use for $200 (or, you know, free from us).  As you go up in price, you’ll add other features, like a lighter metal frame and leather upholstery (instead of pleather). Some massage table companies include Pisces, Oakworks and Best Massage.

So… you were going to tell me why I should get a massage table, right?

Massage at home is even better when you have your own massage table. First of all, massage therapists come to you more quickly because they don’t have to tote a portable massage table of their own. Second, massages can be more affordable if you supply your own massage table.  Zeel offers a reduced rate for customers smart enough to get a massage table of their own. Third, massage tables have other uses besides getting treatments from qualified professionals.

What else can you use a massage table for?

Massage tables are surprisingly versatile. They can be used for:

  • Stretching after a run or workout
  • Sorting and folding laundry
  • Grooming dogs, cats or small children
  • Serving as a very cushy buffet table in a pinch (covered with a tablecloth, obviously)

Note that we do not recommend sleeping on massage tables, comfortable though they may be. They’re simply too narrow.

How do I take care of a massage table?

Massage tables are not like infants or Venus fly traps.  They are inanimate and easy to care for. After enjoying a massage, simple spritz your table with a diluted bleach solution (those sprays you use to clean yoga mats will also work nicely).  Fold it up and place it in its case to avoid damage and dirt.

We hope you consider giving a good home to a massage table of your very own!

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