Michael Apa

Michael A.

Cosmetic Dentist "DDS"

Dr. Apa is a specialist in the developing field of facial aesthetics. The New York University College of Dentistry-trained cosmetic dentist has mastered the technique of making porcelain veneers mimic nature and transforming teeth to fit more harmoniously with the face—while minimizing "flaws" like a thin upper lip or a crooked nose.

It's not just runway models who want to beautify their smiles. Cosmetic dentistry is the newest frontier in anti-aging, and Dr. Michael Apa, a partner in the New York City-based Rosenthal-Apa Group, is one of the field's most sought-after talents because of his ability to rejuvenate faces for a more youthful look.

“To get an idea of what veneers can do, take a cotton roll and cut it in half. Tuck one half under the lips on each side of your back teeth, bite down, close your mouth and see how open your face is,” Dr. Apa advised in one interview.

For one patient, a set of full veneers made such a huge difference that she even canceled her plans for a face-lift. This is why Dr. Apa describes himself as a "stylist with an extensive background in dentistry."

Dr. Apa terms his approach to aesthetic dentistry Facial Aesthetic Design; his philosophy is to create perfectly natural smiles that fit the face and enhance the appearance.


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