Leonard Lu

Leonard L.

Plastic Surgeon "MD"

Dr. Lu went on to graduate from the Brown-Dartmouth Program in Medicine at the top of his class, earning the Deans Award for the most outstanding graduating medical student.

Combining precise surgical knowledge with skilled artistry and creativity, Dr. Lu quickly recognized that plastic surgery was the perfect career with which he could execute his passions. He was accepted to the extremely competitive integrated Plastic Surgery Training Program at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, which is considered one of the premier training programs in the country.

Today, Dr. Lu is an expert plastic surgeon and brings his extensive experience in all aspects of plastic surgery and hair removal to Ritacca Laser Center, one of the leading cosmetic facilities in the country.

Actively engaged in advancing the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Lu has assumed several teaching duties and research interests, completing research fellowships at Harvard Medical School, Washington University and Northwestern University. He has traveled around the country to train with several nationally-recognized authorities in plastic surgery, with whom he learned specialized and innovative techniques to incorporate into his own practice.


American Board of Plastic Surgery