Claire Marquinez

Claire M.

Physical Therapist

Claire Marquinez is a licensed physical therapist who began practicing privately in her native Philippines before heading west to set up shop in Florida. Now holding several advanced certifications, Claire specializes in treating clients with spine and joint pain with a focus on getting them back on their feet.

"I enjoy helping my patients find relief from their pain," says Claire, "especially when it helps them return to work and their regular daily activities." Claire is passionate about assisting her clients to achieve optimal health, one session at a time.

"I see all of my patients privately, so they receive my complete attention," Claire affirms. "I utilize advanced manual therapy techniques to decrease pain and muscle spasms while increasing range of motion and improving circulation. All of this facilitates the healing process."

When she's not with her clients, Claire enjoys reading, especially "self-improvement" literature. She continually strives to learn more and increase her ability to heal.


Florida Board of Physical Therapy Practice

Specialized Training

Institute of Integrative Manual Therapy, currently enrolled