Paula Harmon

Paula H.

Massage Therapist "LMT"

Licensed massage therapist Paula Harmon has only been keeping shop since March 2012, but she has already attracted loyal clients who come to her seeking therapeutic care for everything from prolonged Lyme’s disease to Multiple Sclerosis.

“I have always had a passion for the sciences of the body and mind, and couldn't find a better way to express it than through the gift of massage therapy,” says Paula. “With my background in the biological sciences and the focus that I’ve had for the past decade on studying and understanding the body and mind, I am confident in my abilities and excited to share this knowledge.”

Paula offers a unique setting in which clients can receive clinical treatment in a spa-like setting. Though clients may arrive suffering from chronic or acute pain, Paula believes that the peaceful environment helps them to completely relax and move toward a healthier, lower-stress and more youthful existence.

Each of Paula’s clients learns new techniques to alter old, negative habits. She teaches alternative ways of walking, sitting and standing that alleviate pain and support future recovery. This, combined with her expertise in a variety of different modalities, sets Paula apart as a therapist with a diverse background and a true commitment to her clients’ total health.

Professional License



Missouri State Board of Therapeutic Massage

Specialized Training

Massage Institute of Missouri