Mariama Sinclair

Mariama S.

Massage Therapist "LMT"

Licensed massage therapist Mariama Sinclair believes that positive motivation is the key to encouraging her clients to see beyond the current reality of their pain and discomfort and into a more hopeful future focused on prevention, rather than treatment.

“I connect my clients with a total experience, not just a service,” Mariama says. “It leaves them with a feeling of self-improvement and satisfaction.”

A native of Guyana, Mariama says her family always sought alternatives to Western medicine. Her passion and drive to help others led her to pursue a career in massage therapy, as well as to volunteer her services to stressed-out teachers and battered women’s shelters. Mariama’s regular clients run the gamut, from professionals also seeking an alternative approach to health to other caregivers who want a special way to treat their family and friends.

As an outcall therapist, Mariama provides the table, lotion, oils, music and candles, and only requires that her clients have a quiet space in which to enjoy their massage. In a typical session, she will perform a palpation of the skin on the arms, legs, back, glutes and face to gauge elasticity, flexibility and range of movement.

“I motivate my clients by giving them exceptional service every time, and working to meet their needs,” Mariama says. “I love massage, I love teaching methods of relaxation, and I love helping others feel better.”

Professional License



Florida Board of Massage Therapy