Jill Garner

Jill G.

Massage Therapist "LMT"

"There are many benefits of massage," says licensed massage therapist Jill Garner. Beyond improving a person's mental state and keeping the body "happy and healthy" in the long term, bodywork also helps to relieve stress, improve circulation, lower blood pressure, improve flexibility and range of motion, and relieve headaches.

These are the reasons why many of Jill's clients seek her assistance and expertise. As she notes, there will always be clients with an assortment of needs, whether they are the victim of an auto accident, a marathon runner who requires training or post-event massage, or an elderly individual who wants to increase their mobility.

Recognizing the various factors that impact a client's health, Jill reviews the type of massage she is going to implement before the session begins, assuring the client that they are truly in good hands. She encourages open communication from start to finish, and asks that clients inform her of any medications or specific needs in advance, in addition to any particular areas of pain or discomfort.

Jill's clients also appreciate the "calm and comfortable" setting in which their session takes place. "I don't want to create a clinical or medical atmosphere that might cause an increase in stress for the client," she says. "I keep a positive attitude and make suggestions for future visits that are focused only on the client."

What Jill loves most about her career is her ability to relieve any physical pain that her client may be experiencing. As she puts it, pain has many sources—from work, from exercise. "I love body mechanics and how the body works," says Jill. Applying her passion and experience, she implements the proper techniques in order to facilitate improved and lasting health.

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