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Maritza Williams

Maritza Williams, CMT

Massage Therapist

Maritza Williams, nationally certified massage therapist and owner of RenaiSance Massage, combines years of practice and a commitment to the healing arts with results-driven techniques and a sympathetic touch.

Maritza's experience spans chiropractic offices and day spas alike, making her well-suited to work with clients who exhibit various needs. Whether emotional, spiritual or physical fine-tuning is in order, she applies both "patience" and "persistence" in order to improve the quality of her clients' lives. She says, "I will be the conduit together with your intentions to assist you in achieving your goals."

From the office professional with "office shoulders" (where the shoulders are rounded forward due to sitting at a desk for a prolonged period of time) to the marathon runner training for a race, Maritza is eager to help. "I am proud to be of service in an industry that has provided many health benefits," she says. To facilitate these benefits, Maritza customizes every session to the individual client's needs, using focused techniques to open up the back, neck and shoulders while incorporating stretching and trigger point therapy for athletes.

No matter their background, trust is a core value when working with Maritza in order to bring about positive results. "I love seeing the rejuvenation of a client after a massage," she describes. "Being wrapped up in the daily events of life we forget we are spiritual beings on a journey. I love seeing the client go to a different place in their mind and I empathize with the emotions."

What to Expect

A firm yet gentle touch. "I've always believed that inducing pain is unnecessary," says Maritza. "I believe you can get the results of deep tissue without holding your breath or clenching your teeth."

Even when implementing therapeutic techniques like deep tissue massage or trigger point therapy, the work is tolerable and comfortable. "My techniques involve a lot of warming up the muscles before applying deeper pressure," she says. "After the deeper pressure, I thoroughly flush the area using effleurage strokes to stimulate the lymphatic system, bringing repairing cells to the area and releasing toxins."

Professional License



California Massage Therapy Council, (United States)
National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, (United States)