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Liz Florine

Liz Florine, LMT

Massage Therapist

From her inviting, professional clinic in Barrington, Ill., licensed massage therapist Liz Florine treats clients with a wide range of therapeutic massage modalities, including active isolated stretching and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.

“Receiving massage on a regular basis makes a big difference in how my clients feel day to day,” says Liz. “It can also help to prevent pain and injuries from sneaking up on them.” Liz, who has over 10 years of therapy experience, specializes in deep tissue and sports massage techniques to provide pain relief due to trauma and sports injuries, as well as pain management for chronic pain sufferers.

Liz, a graduate of the Wellness and Massage Training Institute, knows that muscle aches, pain and stress are not only an annoyance—they can interfere with everyday life. She believes that by freeing clients of these distressing and painful complaints, she can have a profound effect on their physical and mental health while making them more productive at home and in the office.

Clients come to Liz with a variety of conditions, including arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome. To treat them, Liz uses a number of therapeutic techniques, depending on their specific needs. “All of the massage treatments are given in a 100 percent private, soothingly lit room,” Liz says. “My office looks and feels very much like a doctor's office, and the massage experience is professional in every way, as well as being very relaxing and enjoyable.”

What to Expect

Liz asks that clients arrive approximately five to 10 minutes early for their first scheduled appointment in order to fill out the necessary paperwork. Clients will be asked about their health history, current or past injuries, and any other medical conditions. All paperwork is confidential and never released to anyone without a signed release from the client. From there, a discussion of the goals clients would like to accomplish will take place. Liz encourages clients to ask any questions or voice any concerns before the massage session begins.

Professional License



Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation, (United States)

Specialized Training

Wellness and Massage Training Institute (WMTI), Woodbridge, IL