Guy Daniels

Guy D.

Holistic Nutritionist "MS"

Guy Daniels attracts clients from around the country with his virtual practice and media ventures, using his knowledge and expertise in nutrition to help others improve their long-term health and well-being.

Guy's profession is rooted in personal penchants. Having managed Crohn's disease without the need for Western drugs or surgery, he attributes his own successes to the use of natural therapies and a holistic diet. Through his practice, he now helps others to achieve similar results, offering options that eschew the need for conventional medicine.

Maintaining a completely virtual practice by phone and e-mail, Guy specializes in designing natural health plans for those suffering from a variety of conditions—not only GI disease but also for obesity, menopause and other concerns.

In addition to educating and treating patients who are searching for guidance on how to live a more healthy and natural lifestyle, he also teaches fellow physicians. "I am the guy physicians go to for training in natural and integrative medicine,” he says.

When not fielding phone calls or e-mails from clients, Guy, who is well-versed in the biochemistry of disease of the human body, consults for corporate businesses and fellow practitioners. In 2010, he extended his reach even further with the publication of his book, Reduce Your Healthcare Costs Through Natural Medicine.