Ashley Matthews

Ashley M.

Pilates Instructor

At Mongoose Bodyworks in downtown New York City, certified Pilates instructor Ashley Matthews helps clients develop a fit, lean, intelligent physique.

“Most people aren't able to get in touch with their bodies throughout their day, so I find satisfaction in taking an hour to help them reconnect and maximize their body's potential,” says Ashley. “My interest in Pilates was originally sparked by the way it made my own body feel. The quality of my physical life really improved, and I have a desire to help others feel as great as I do!”

Ashley, a dancer who studied ballet at NYU and with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School, completed her Pilates mat and apparatus certifications through the Kane School in NYC. She believes her dance experience uniquely suits her to assist others in reaching their greatest physical potential. “I use my background in postural assessment, biomechanics and my knowledge of injury to help my clients find the greatest efficiency of physical movement,” Ashley explains. “I help them develop a fit, lean and intelligent physique.”

Ashley says she attracts clients who have a commitment to detail and a willingness to challenge their bodies and minds. A typical Pilates session includes a series of exercises that stimulate the core stabilizers while releasing areas of tightness that inhibit movement. The body is continually challenged to strengthen areas of weakness and instability. “Depending on my clients’ goals, I like to explore a bit of flexion, extension and rotation,” Ashley says. “I motivate them with verbal encouragement and demonstrations of how far they’ve progressed.”

Specialized Training

  • The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School, Pittsburgh, PA
  • The Kane School, New York, NY