Adi Barad

Adi B.

Acupuncturist "LAc"

Licensed acupuncturist Adi Barad employs a treatment strategy focused not only on his patients’ signs and symptoms, but also on the search for the common hidden source of their condition in order to treat the root cause.

“What I enjoy most about my work is the daily ability to influence, affect and improve my clients' lives,” says Adi. “I want to thank them for the opportunity to guide them and salute them for their courage.”

Adi observes that with all the modern advances in medical technology, the population exhibits more illness today than in the past. He notes that many people take medication simply to balance other medication. When his patients ask him if there’s any other way, Adi is quick to respond: yes. “I believe that our daily way of life, which consists of our nutrition, physical activity and mental state of mind, plays a major role in our health,” he says. “I take a natural approach to balancing these pillars.”

Adi also believes that it’s of the utmost importance to treat his patients as people, rather than a collection of symptoms, which is bound to fail in the long run. The complete opposite of a “quick fix,” Chinese medicine is a “comprehensive health system used to restore the balance and flow of our inner energy, called qi, which facilitates the healing process,” explains Adi. “Acupuncture is helpful in the treatment of joint and muscle pain, digestive problems, chronic fatigue and insomnia and infertility and gynecological disturbances, among other disorders.”

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