Austra Bloms

Austra B.

Personal Trainer "CPT"

Austra Bloms' athletic beginnings may be rooted in collegiate and professional soccer, yet her endless knowledge of health, fitness and sports medicine extend far beyond the playing field.

From rehabilitative clinical settings to competitive sporting events, Austra's far-reaching and varied experiences have rendered her well-equipped to provide top notch, innovative training for clients with multifarious needs.

What's her secret? Start out simple. Austra prepares each client by establishing a foundation with which to achieve fitness goals before designing a more rigorous training program. Eventually, with her guidance and support, even the most challenging of regimens become habitual, stress-free and enjoyable, leaving room and time for self-discovery. "It's a journey to a whole new you, inside and out!" she says.

Competitive by nature, Austra is no stranger to injury and knows that determination is required to bounce back after being sidelined. "During my rehabilitation, I was hooked on the exercises it took for me to be back to 100 percent," she explains. "My competitiveness pushed me further."

Now injury-free and determined as ever, Austra has acquired an enthusiastic desire to help others deal with similar injuries. She went on to study exercise science with a focus on athletic training and pre-therapy at Oregon State University, and continues to coach others back to competition-ready shape today. "I enjoy being a support for anyone's fitness and health goals," she says.

One of the best ways to see progress, explains Austra, is to set measurable goals. She encourages clients to take fitness measurements, create tangible scores and document results. She also provides ample resources for their benefit on topics that relate to their personal wellness goals.


American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

Specialized Training

  • BOSU
  • TRX
  • Boot Camp
  • Senior Fitness
  • Kids Health and Movement
  • Corporate Fitness Training
  • Sport Conditioning
  • Small Group Training