Larry Wolfe

Larry W.

Massage Therapist "LMT"

Oregon licensed massage therapist Larry Wolfe offers a unique perspective on health and wellness, utilizing his proficiency in Thai and Swedish massage to enable relaxation and ease muscle pain.

A graduate of the East West College of Bodywork in Portland, Ore., Larry went on to pursue advanced training on several occasions by traveling all the way to the source: Thailand. Returning four separate times, each visit deepened his knowledge and understanding of the Thai healing modality. As he describes it, Thai massage integrates several elements of bodywork, including massage, yoga and acupressure.

Larry's clients tend to be mindful of their health and view massage as a tool for maintaining and improving their general well-being. To contribute to the positive changes, he offers observations and advice based on the results of a session.

What to Expect

Thai massage is performed on a comfortable foam floor mat. Clients remain dressed in workout clothing. The work resembles a passive yoga session.

While the feeling of a Thai massage differs from that of a Swedish session, many clients choose to combine the two forms of bodywork. "Swedish massage and Thai massage mix nicely," he explains, "so you might find some Thai mixed into your Swedish or Swedish mixed into your Thai."