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Rigoberto Rosa

Rigoberto Rosa, LMT

Massage Therapist

For Rigoberto Rosa, the decision to pursue a career as a professional massage therapist was easy. "My health was profoundly improved by massage, so I became a massage therapist to others," he recalls.

Today, Rigoberto is a licensed massage therapist and a graduate of Florida Career College. While his favorite modalities and areas of expertise are deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and the qi-based style known as reflexology, he is trained in many techniques and, when requested, is happy to incorporate other forms of bodywork.

Rigoberto prides himself on his straightforward, practical approach that makes a real difference in client's lives. While a therapeutic massage has the capacity to address a variety of needs, it may not be indicated for all conditions; and so Rigoberto encourages open communication to facilitate the best possible outcome.

Rigoberto offers mobile massage services in Ft. Lauderdale and South Beach, Flor., allowing clients to remain situated in their homes indefinitely after an appointment. Lending comfort to convenience, an at-home massage carries the added benefit of getting to continue the relaxation process without having to immediately return to reality.

Professional License

FL License MA58617


Florida Board of Massage Therapy, (United States)

Specialized Training

Florida Career College