Robert Rex

Robert R.

Structural Integration Professional "CR"

Robert Rex is a Certified Rolfer™ and co-founder of Lightwave Healing Arts, a wellness studio that delivers acupuncture, herbal medicine, movement education and Rolfing® to residents of South Burlington, Vt.

Robert has been practicing myofascial release since 2002. He went on to train and become certified as a Rolfer™ through the highly regarded Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration, and today, he helps clients to systematically re-align the body through this advanced bodywork form.

In addition to traditional structural integration techniques, Robert incorporates movement education into his sessions. These basic movements and exercises aim to incorporate the benefits of Rolfing® into every day life.


At Lightwave, we're dedicated to serving our clients with compassion, integrity and intelligence.

It is of the utmost importance to us that you feel comfortable during your treatment at Lightwave Healing Arts. You will always be treated with kindness and consideration, and we will make every effort to answer your questions fully, as well as to address any concerns you may have about your condition or your treatment.

Specialized Training

Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration, 2005