Erin Huddy

Erin H.

Registered Dietitian "RD"

Forget fad diets, point systems and pre-packaged foods. Long-lasting health can be found by understanding food and nutrition and finding empowerment through the desire to lead a healthier lifestyle, says Erin Huddy, a registered dietitian in Alexandria, Va.

Whether meeting in person or having a conversation over the phone, Erin provides her clients with a wealth of experience along with the latest research in the field of nutrition. Her views on nutrition can simply be described as "realistic," her intention which is to cut through the confusion and provide a no-nonsense, practical, guilt-free approach to managing nutrition on a daily basis.

An RD who practices what she preaches, Erin believes that nutrition plays a significant role in her own life as well, recounting personal weight loss struggles and her involvement in activities that require a proper dietary intake, like road biking, marathon running and martial arts. Nutrition can be a valuable tool if utilized correctly, helping individuals to gain strength and confidence while looking and feeling great.


American Dietetic Association

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Certification in Weight Management