Brook Derenzy

Brook D.

Cosmetic Dentist "DDS"

Dr. Derenzy is a graduate of the renowned University of Texas at San Antonio Health Science Center, a top dental school in the country. He established his private practice, Aesthetic General Dentistry, with the intention to improve patient's smiles while showcasing his talents and love for his profession.

Having experienced dental trauma of his own, Dr. Derenzy is committed to restoring patient's teeth in a considerate and collaborate manner. His office is equipped with modern technology and quality dental materials capable of producing a healthy, stunning and, above all, a natural-looking grin.

When he's not in the office or engaging in beloved outdoor sports like biking, hiking, camping, fly fishing or cross-country skiing, Dr. Derenzy is dedicated to the pursuit of ongoing education. "In the ever-changing world of technology, one must keep abreast of the latest advancements," he explains. Doing so allows him to confidently say that he offers the most cutting-edge dentistry in the world.


Oregon Board of Dentistry