Judy Manisco

Judy M.

Registered Dietitian "LDN"

Enter the One Mag Mile office building to find ease of mind and diet with Judy Manisco, a licensed dietitian and nutritionist in Chicago, Ill. Judy, with her expertise and calming demeanor, will reevaluate and rejuvenate clients’ outlook on their relationship with food.

Leave it to Judy to turn your life around. With a thriving Windy City practice, she takes the time to get to know each client in order to give them a highly personalized plan. “Good health is priceless,” she says.

If you thought food was the key to weight loss and weight loss only, consider your eyes opened. Judy lends her expertise in different disciplines to treat and heal patients who have a wide range of health issues, from skin conditions and gastrointestinal disorders to depression and hormonal imbalances.

Each client is treated with utmost care and respect when working with Judy. Every consultation is private and confidential, so her client can relax and pinpoint their specific needs.

Following an initial consultation, clients leave with a detailed, customized food, drink and exercise guide that emphases portion size. They also leave feeling confident about the tricky task of eating out with Judy’s customized recommendations, which have graced the hands, minds and kitchen cabinets of pro-athletes and other residents of the populous Midwest city.


American Dietetic Association