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Paula Irwin

Paula Irwin, CMT

Massage Therapist

A certified massage therapist with three generations of loyal clients, Paula Irwin brings more than her healing hands to a session—she also contributes her extensive experience in the field of medicine.

Prior to establishing her private practice in Encinitas, Calif., Paula worked with a number of respected physicians to use the power of massage as a form of alternative medicine. She received training as a sports therapist before exploring the value of lymphatic massage, and donated her skills to cancer and auto-immune patients in search of pain relief.

At Body Being in Balance Massage, Paula offers a unique blend of massage modalities that aim to address the body in a holistic fashion. From head to toe, discomfort is diminished—if not erased completely—and normal function is restored.

Described as gentle and relaxing, Paula's work seeks to return the body to a state of equilibrium through structural re-alignment. By releasing the many constrictions that build up over time, the body can be transformed so that it is calm and at ease.

Paula brings 20 years of experience erasing pain cycles in the body which increases ease, energy and range of motion. I specialize in Lymph Edema, chronic back & neck pain, migraines, knee and hip replacement, frozen shoulder, pre and post plastic surgery recovery (Lypo suction, face and body lifts etc.) and assist athletes in maintaining there body's integrity as they push themselves to the limits and beyond.

Professional License

Cmt 1985


California Massage Therapy Council, (United States)

Specialized Training

  • Certified Sports Therapist
  • Certified Lymphadema Therapist, The Learner Lymphadema Academy (Boston, Mass.)
  • WIN Therapy (Laguna Hills, Calif.)