Madeline Michaels

Madeline M.

Massage Therapist "LMT"

Leave your stress at the door. The moment you walk into Madeline Michael's Upper East Side studio, the noise of the city simple stops, leaving you to fully submit to a blend of bodywork treatments that relax and heal the body and mind.

"It takes about two minutes for the spine to decompress completely," Madeline explains as she slowly prepares and warms the muscles of the back using small, focused strokes. She continues on, navigating the structures of the body, exploring and assessing using many styles at once before honing in on trigger points and areas of tension and using her professional insight to determine the optimal way to bring about relief.

A session with Madeline offers a much needed break from the rigid structures of city life, where you can spend between an hour or two investigating not only the physical discomforts but also emotional ones through a combination of traditional techniques, Eastern practices and energy work. Madeline's approach, both thorough and holistic, draws upon her extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, ultimately ensuring that every client can enjoy the luxury of long-lasting wellness.