Ary Nunez

Ary N.

Personal Trainer

Rihanna hates going to the gym, doesn't even like to work out—unless it's with Ary Nuez, her dynamic trainer.

Ary knows just how to give Rihanna red-carpet curves and enough stamina to dance through 3-hour sets on tour. To keep the singer engaged and motivated, Ary mixes martial arts, dance and calisthenics, constantly keeping the workout fresh. Every minute, every second is different, she says.

But you don't need to be a celebrity to get trained like a rock star—or get results like a Grammy-winning Barbadian singer. No excuses," says Ary, who is a Nike-sponsored athlete. "If I can overcome adversity and succeed, so can you!"

The Brooklyn native with a big personality works hard to play hard, and her clients find her enthusiasm irresistible—and infectious. Ary teaches group fitness classes and trains private clients at her studio Gotham Global Fitness. Whether you're learning to Gotham Box alongside Ary (New York magazine called it the city's best exercise class), mixing plyometrics with medicine balls, or working up a sweat on the RealRyder, a spinning bike that also moves laterally to challenge the core, you'll learn that "no" is just a two-letter word. And you'll start saying "Yes" with Ary.

A believer in blending Eastern and Western fitness philosophies, Ary holds black belts in karate, tae kwon do and kung fu, has studied several other forms of martial arts, and dances professionally. Ary's also a lifestyle coach who helps celebrities and everyday overachievers find health and balance.