Nancy Doherty

Nancy D.

Yoga Instructor

Yoga is known to relax and strengthen the body and mind. Yet not everyone can find enough spare time in their day to practice their flow on-site. That's why Nancy Doherty, whose studio is just a hop, skip and a jump north of New York City, gives clients the option to take classes online via high quality video connection.

Nancy is the founder and owner of Lakeside Yoga and Fitness, a private wellness center with a non-gym-like atmosphere. Seasoned yogis and first-timers find the space welcoming and feel completely at ease.

"What I enjoy most about what I do is working with clients who don't think that yoga is for them," explains Nancy when asked to describe what she loves most about her craft. Whether experiencing high levels of stress in the office or at home, Nancy is committed to helping clients use yoga and exercise to find relief and a sense of groundedness.

With so many reasons why people turn to yoga in the first place, Nancy is mindful of her clients' individual needs and creates a personalized practice for each of them. While some may prefer a powerful and athletic yoga sequence, others who have a weak core or low back pain may benefit from Pilates movements as well (Nancy is a Master Pilates Instructor).

A single practice may consist of a blend of yoga styles, including hatha, kundalini (a spiritual form featuring movement, breathing and chanting), Iyengar (which uses props to preserve structural integrity) and Kripalu. Clients who are willing may also request take-home sequences that can be performed outside of the studio.


Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher

Specialized Training

  • Yoga Therapist Certification (300 hours)
  • Yoga Teacher Certification (250 hours)
  • Pilates Master Practitioner Certification
  • Personal Training Master Practitioner Certification