Daniel Burnes

Daniel B.

Structural Integration Professional "CR"

Daniel Burnes discovered the benefits of Rolfing after experiencing its healing powers himself. "I had to become a Rolfer," he says. "There was no doubt in my mind; it was as if I was chosen for this work."

Daniel draws upon his training from The Guild for Structural Integration, located in Boulder, Colo. The institution, he says, is one of the two that are closest to the methods as established by Rolfing founder Dr. Ida P. Rolf.

Daniel explains that his work follows the teachings of Ida Rolf as well, and that his approach is to never go deeper into the body's structures than the client will allow. "Rolfing should not be a torturous experience," he says, going on to describe that, "Yes, there can be sensations, however they should be kept at a level the client can breathe through."

"Rolfing is a process, not a procedure or technique" Daniel adds. Rather, it consists of 10 unique sessions during which he is able to address the client's body—including underlying imbalances and poor posture—as a whole, as opposed to targeting specific complaints. "It has power beyond explanation," Daniel continues. "It has to be experienced in order to fully appreciate what can be accomplished."

Specialized Training

The Guild for Structural Integration, Boulder, CO, 2005