Kerry Kott

Kerry K.

Acupuncturist "LAc"

Licensed and nationally certified acupuncture physician Dr. Kerry Kott is proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of physiological disease through comprehensive pulse diagnosis, observational techniques and herbal therapy.

Dr. Kott was trained by Dr. Leon Hammer in the art of Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis, a technique developed by him and Dr. John Shen. “This unique system allows me to accurately assess the patient’s physical, mental and emotional resources and vulnerabilities,” explains Dr. Kott. “I also diagnose through the patient’s birth history, tongue examination and a thorough verbal intake which includes past and present medical history.”

With a philosophy built on education and patient participation, Dr. Kott believes it is extremely important for patients to get involved in their treatment and learn to enjoy their individual path to healing. For needle-shy patients, Dr. Kott offers Pranic healing, a treatment method in which invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. “Prana is like acupuncture without needles!” Dr. Kott says.

An initial session with Dr. Kott will include a thorough exploration of the patient’s past and present medical history, concerns and birth history information. This is followed by an examination of the tongue and a complete pulse diagnosis. “This helps me to understand the disease process from its inception and provide the best therapeutic intervention,” Dr. Kott explains.

What to Expect

Patients are asked to bring all medications, supplements and/or herbs they are taking, in their original bottles. They are encouraged to eat a moderate meal a few hours before their appointment, as it is important not to come to the appointment hungry or overly full. Dr. Kott also asks that patients do not brush their tongue the day of treatment. After the treatment is concluded, patients are encouraged not to engage in any stimulating activities for at least three hours. It is best to be able to stay relaxed, have a nourishing meal, and/or take a nap.

Professional License



Florida Board of Acupuncture