Matthew Williams

Matthew W.

Structural Integration Professional "CR"

For the past seven years, licensed and certified structural integrator Matthew Williams has been practicing the KMI series of bodywork. This advanced system concentrates on performing "deep, lasting and significant bodywork with anatomical precision, blended with movement education and sensitivity to the unfolding individual experience."

“My practice is for athletes, doctors, lawyers, housewives, teachers, contractors, bodyworkers, landscapers, Pilates instructors and the like,” says Matthew. “I aim to build nuanced body/mind awareness for better locomotion and carriage. If I can help clients fend off constant gravitational force with presence and grace then I will feel effective.”

Matthew recognizes that his clients face many stresses and challenges each day, and believes that inhabiting a more functional and lifted body gives clients a healthier chance for success in dealing with the greatest stressor of all: gravity. “Standing taller really does make you feel better and may affect those around you too,” says Matthew. “Happiness and health are infectious!”

Matthew’s ideal client has a yearning to understand their body and is willing to work through old, dysfunctional patterns to restore balance and function. “Often people come in wanting me to fix them. I know one thing for sure: I can’t fix anyone,” Matthew says. “My hope is that I can help others function better. I would rather free clients than fix them.”

Professional License


Specialized Training

Brian Utting School of Massage, Seattle, WA, 2000