Michaela Ballmann

Michaela B.

Registered Dietitian "MS, RD"

Registered dietitian Michaela Ballmann is an award-winning practitioner with a passion for lifestyle medicine, personal and group counseling, nutrition education and cooking demonstrations.

“The most important thing that I teach my clients is how to reestablish a healthy, loving relationship with food, exercise and their bodies. This is life changing,” says Michaela. “My clients want to be healthy. They may want to be free from an eating disorder or prevent or reverse chronic disease. They’ve already taken the most important step by recognizing their desire for something better and reaching out for help and guidance.”

Michaela also works with clients who are simply looking to learn new ways to shop, cook and eat. She motivates each client to focus on their goals by envisioning a future in which they are healthy, enjoying their food, finding a form of exercise they like and treating themselves with care, love and compassion. “Nutrition is not about how you look,” Michaela explains. “It’s about the peace and joy that comes from whole health, which helps you try again and try new things.”

From her experiences in school, internships and employment, Michaela has discovered that private practice is where she can have the most powerful and beneficial effect on her clients’ lives. “I love getting to know people, developing a relationship with them and working with them to help them feel better and get to a healthier place of mind and body,” she says. “I want everyone to experience positive change.”

Michaela’s practice is unique in that she takes a whole approach to health and recognizes the amazing complexities of human beings. “What we eat is actually a very complicated decision that is affected by so many things: what you ate growing up, the kind of food you usually eat, your specific taste preferences, price, time, cooking skills, your emotions, your energy level, your beliefs about food and weight, etc.” she says. “I understand that you might know a lot about nutrition and don't need more knowledge. I understand that there's a lot influencing your food choices and exercise habits. I want to look at the whole picture, so that clients can experience real, lasting healing and wholeness.”

What to Expect

Michaela tailors each session to her client's specific needs. During the initial appointment, she will spend time getting to know the client’s current state of health, their history and their goals. Michaela says: “I like to touch upon mindful and intuitive eating in combination with any education on healthy food choices for your health condition. Acting as a health coach, I will help you in setting and reaching your goals.”