Harrison Darling

Harrison D.

Chiropractor "DC"

A dedicated runner, Dr. Harrison Darling was crushed when an injury to her lower back left her practically immobilized. After receiving frustratingly ineffective care from medical doctors, she sought chiropractic treatment and was so struck by the positive results that she decided to pursue a career in the field.

“I was lucky to find an amazing chiropractor who helped me through my injury and recovery, and who changed my life so completely that I knew the only way for me to show my gratitude was to pay it forward and become a chiropractor,” Dr. Darling says.

Dr. Darling’s extensive training leaves her uniquely qualified to find creative and effective solutions to neuromuscular-skeletal problems. “In the course of my career I have treated everyone from infants to grandparents, from acute cases to chronic issues, from simple malalignments to intractable traumas and from couch potatoes to triathletes,” she says. “Whatever your situation, I can help you.”

From her well-established clinic in Pasadena, Dr. Darling and a team of collaborators offer a wide range of modalities and services that promote natural health while meeting each client’s individual needs. “I came to chiropractic because I know all about the care clients can receive in a traditional medical system, and I know how living with pain can interfere with their lives and pull them further from their personal goals,” Dr. Darling says. “Chiropractic is different. I love my job!”

Professional License



California Board of Chiropractic Examiners