Barbara Chudiak

Barbara C.

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In a tranquil office space on North Washington Street, Barbara Chudiak is busy with clients in need of stress reduction. A certified reflexologist and owner of Foot Reflexology Ct. in Plainville, Conn., Barbara aims to provide relaxation and homeostasis so clients feel better and more balanced.

When Barbara was a child, she was inspired by a book her mom had purchased, The Stories Your Feet Can Tell by Eurine Ingham. As described in the book, parent and child often helped each other through illnesses by working on reflex points, a tale that always amazed Barbara each time the symptoms went away.

After pursuing a hectic business career for many years, Barbara eventually decided to return to her roots, a path she simply loves. “I get such pleasure seeing my clients smile and surprised by how good they feel after a session,” she says.

Working with both men and women, Barbara attracts an assorted clientele, from athletes to seniors. She also helps individuals suffering from Parkinson's, MS, strokes and diabetes, all who benefit from reflexology because of how it positively affects the central nervous system. Several of her clients, for example, report feeling sensations in their feet again after spinal operations previously left them numb.

While many reflexologists focus solely on the feet, Barbara intentionally includes the hands, face and head for a more effective treatment. As part of her services, she teaches each client to listen to their bodies and advises drinking lots of water following sessions, ultimately assisting with the detoxification process while facilitating lasting health.

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