Ken Gorzen

Ken G.

Massage Therapist "LMT"

Licensed massage therapist Ken Gorzen offers a wide range of massage modalities, including lymphatic drainage and medical massage, as well as additional therapies such as colon hydrotherapy and detoxification programs.

As a summer EMT driver in Michigan, Ken got a firsthand look at how the typical allopathic medical world operates. “It’s great for emergency trauma, but leads a lot to be desired for daily health care,” Ken says. Rather than pursuing a traditional medical school education, Ken traveled the world seeking holistic methods of healing, and then returned to the States to share his techniques with clients in N.Y.C.

“The body has an immense inner wisdom that we have to coax out by two important means: detoxify and rebuild,” Ken says. “I guarantee each client can change the way their body has been habitually conditioned to respond. Once they change the direction their body has been going, they can have the results for the rest of their lives.”

Unique to Ken’s practice is the use of colored light therapy and essential oils in every treatment. Ken explains that essential oils “cling” to the cell membranes of muscle and connective tissue cells for an average of five to seven days, which “reprograms” the cells to remember the state induced during treatment. “The essential oils act like little tuning forks reminding the cell how good and relaxed it felt after the massage,” he says.

Professional License

NYS Lic. #015058


New York State Board of Massage Therapy