Florian Boschi

Florian B.

Acupuncturist "LAc"

Following a serious car accident, medical doctors told Floridan Boschi he might never walk again. Along his difficult road to recovery, Florian discovered alternatives to Western medical science, and 20 years later he is a licensed acupuncturist and certified massage therapist with a flourishing clinic in Beverly Hills, where he dispenses a combination of Eastern and Western healing philosophies.

Florian’s passion is for clients suffering from metabolic disorders. He specializes in working with patients who are obese, pre-diabetic, menopausal, aging, showing symptoms of hypothyroidism, anemic and children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. “My practice is based on fixing blood chemistry,” he says. “I run very comprehensive blood panels before treatment begins and then on an ongoing basis every one to 1.5 months to monitor clinical success and, if necessary, make adjustments to treatment strategy.”

Florian’s treatments extend beyond the clinic too. “I teach my clients how to exercise, how to shop and cook, how to eat intuitively. I bring patients in touch with their bodies and help them avoid becoming victims of the food industry.”

Florian, a former Kabbalah instructor, uses the principles of the religion to guide his patients toward a higher level of awareness. “I help them take responsibility for everything that happens to them, look at their own self-destructive urges as a necessity to transform, and realize that every physical illness has a non-physical root cause. There is no reason for diabetes; it’s all about shifting how we eat and live. 30 million diabetics in the U.S. is an atrocity!”

Even when he feels frustrated or overwhelmed by the high numbers of diseased individuals, Florian is thankful to be part of the healing community. “I have a deep affinity with what I do, and I consider myself truly lucky to love my job,” he says. “It is so rewarding to help people with metabolic diseases. I always feel like I’ve give them 10 extra years of life.”

Professional License



California Acupuncture Board

Specialized Training

Wirtschafts Foerderungs Institute, Massage Therapy, 1999