Kay Curtis

Kay C.

Holistic Nutritionist

Kay Curtis, a certified nutritional consultant, has spent years researching and learning how nutrition and the toxins in our environment negatively affect lives. Working with individuals and families in Burbank and Toluca Lake, Calif., her mission is to lead others toward optimum health, taking it one step at a time.

There were several factors that led to Kay's pursuit of a profession in the field of nutrition and health. As a breast cancer survivor, she fully understands the importance of proper nutrition and a non-toxic environment. A former professional model, she also used to dine on fast foods and cigarettes, eventually realizing this way of life was not working.

Following more than two decades as an educator, and seeing countless children put on drugs to counteract conditions, Kay decided to go back to school to become a nutritional consultant, graduating from the Global College of Natural Medicine. She started her private practice, Curtis Nutrition, in 2009.

At Curtis Nutrition, Kay does not believe in eating boring, low-fat and tasteless foods in order to be healthy. Instead, she promotes healthy fats and less starchy carbohydrates. She wants clients to run away from bagels and cereal, enjoying grass-fed and hormone-free meats instead—and even a drink in moderation every now and then. She helps individuals and families make gradual changes, whether through simple recipes or small modifications in lifestyle choices that make a big impact.

An avid cook, Kay loves serving up a variety of meals and helping others achieve wellness through their own nutritional planning. “A day doesn’t go by that I feel so rewarded because someone has gone off their blood pressure, cholesterol or depression/anxiety medication; or they don’t have hot flashes, acid reflux or gas, or they can move without pain,” she says.

Working with a variety of individuals, each with a different timeline for meeting goals, Kay has helped those with digestive disorders, female issues, depression, pain and inflammation, fatigue and stress and immune problems. She has also helped numerous clients lose weight, detox or quit smoking.

Kay uses non-invasive methods to test for metals and chemical toxicity and food intolerances and advocates organic, whole food supplements. In addition, she has a program for children with learning or behavioral problems.

Specialized Training

Global College of Natural Medicine