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Rafael Blandin

Rafael Blandin, LMT

Massage Therapist

Rafael Blandin is a state licensed massage therapist with certifications in reiki, reflexology and qi gong therapy.

While Rafael works with an abundance of clients for both relaxation and pain relief, many are dedicated athletes who use bodywork as a complement to their marathon and triathlon training plans. In addition, he works with actors from Telemundo, the Spanish channel, and at In2Fitness, a gym and spa in Pembroke Pines.

Rafael's intention is for clients to simply sit back and enjoy their massage without concerning themselves with the details. If he notices any areas of concern, he points out what they may want to pay attention to. To enhance the benefits of the session, Rafael also encourages all clients to hydrate thoroughly and to stretch every morning and before going to bed.

The No. 1 motivator for Rafael is when clients return feeling better than ever. His goal: to enable everyone to resume their days without complications, though of course, he welcomes return clients should they decide to do so.

Professional License

FL License MA66765


Florida Board of Massage Therapy, (United States)

Specialized Training

  • Acupuncture and Massage College, Miami, FL
  • Alas Reiki Center