Elisa Mello

Elisa M.

Cosmetic Dentist "DDS"

At NYC Smile Design, she uses her extensive training in periodontics, orthodontics and periodontal plastic surgery at the NYU College of Dentistry, Flushing Hospital and the Periodontal Institute of Seattle to help improve her patients' smiles. Now a clinical assistant professor at the NYU College of Dentistry, Dr. Mello remains committed to studying the latest methods and technologies with innovative clinicians.

Patients call Dr. Mello the "dentist with a heart of gold" because she makes sure that every patient who steps into her office is listened to and receives the best possible smile makeover. Blending her creativity with the latest technology, she gives her patients symmetric, beautiful smiles that are truly their own. The Upper East Side dentist will work with patients until they are satisfied with their smile, because their satisfaction is her motivating factor.

A busy professional and a mom, Dr. Mello enjoys baking, learning about New York City architecture and perfecting her Italian.


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