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What is the best type of massage for an elderly person suffering from chronic and acute arthritic pain?

Lynn Maison, Moreno Valley, CA
“Other than stretching and movement, I would have to go with lymphatic drainage. Deep tissue is contraindicated on the elderly. Aging usually leaves thin skin & a tendency to bruise easy as the blood vessels are closer to the surface. Resistance work can be great for increasing range of motion...” Read more
Teresa Avelar, San Bruno, CA
“Each individual needs to be assessed and given a thorough understanding of their symptons, but I would approach with a Swedish massage, using trigger point, pnf stretches to increase range of motion and circulation, depending on the area of concern. Being overly cautious to communicate with the...” Read more
Richard Bartlett, Lansing, MI
“Plain old Swedish massage works great, from someone with strong but gentle hands. Even a massage school student would do well for you, if they have a good attitude. Make sure you are having your doctor monitor your condition, and tell your therapist what medications you are taking. ” Read more
Hilary Jordan, Fairfield, IA
“I believe the best type of massage for an elderly person or someone with joint problems is myofascial, which stretches the connective tissue, gently unraveling kinks and problems. It is done with a gentle pressure, sinking into the tissues and allowing the stretching to permanently change...” Read more
Randi Watson, Payson, UT
“I suggest a light Swedish massage, with light friction on the joints where the arthritis is active. The elderly are much more sensitive to moderate to deep tissue pressure, so I would avoid that.” Read more
Betty Shields, Sioux Falls, SD
“Make sure the condition hasn't flared up. It also depends if they're active or feeble. You need to treat everyone differently.” Read more
Tausha Jackson, Spring, TX
“Swedish. It's the most relaxing form of massage therapy and is great for increasing circulation, especially if paired with ROM (range of motion).” Read more
Ellen A. Scurich, Fort Lauderdale, FL
“A hot stone massage. If you want, you can buy some and microwave them yourself. Also try placing warm (not hot!) stones in your hands when you go to sleep. ” Read more

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