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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a dancer turned actress - turned American Idol judge - who wowed the world with her singing chops and her famously shapely derriere. Before rising to stardom, Lopez flaunted her dance moves as a Fly Girl in the early 1990s television show, In Living Color. From there, she added acting and singing to her resume, proving to be a true triple threat.

After landing roles in Money Train with Wesley Snipes, and in Francis Ford Coppola's Jack, Lopez won over fans and critics alike as the title character in the biopic Selena. A couple years later, she went on to release her first music album, On the 6, featuring the instant pop hit Waiting For Tonight. She quickly rose to the top of the charts, winning a Grammy Award.

Since then, Lopez has released a few more albums, starred in a few more rom-coms, survived Gigli and Bennifer, married Marc Anthony and given birth to twins in February 2008. In 2010, Lopez signed on as a judge on American Idol, and in July of 2011, her and Marc Anthony ended their marriage.

Health & Beauty Regimen

Diet and nutrition: After giving birth to twins Emme and Max, Lopez committed to the Dukan diet - well-known in France. The Dukan diet plan consists of four critical stages, where dieters are instructed to avoid certain offending food groups, like carbs. Lopez is also reportedly a fan of Freshology meals. It has been proposed that she sticks to foods that are most easily absorbed by her blood type, based on the 90s born Blood Type Diet.

Lopez has been known to sniff grapefruit scented oils as well, says the Daily Mail. This variation of the Grapefruit Diet is said to be responsible for "Jenny's" curvaceous body, though this custom remains unconfirmed by Lopez.

Fitness and exercise: Lopez loves to work out. She told iVillage that it's important for her to take a "soft, feminine" approach to exercise, using a personal trainer and yoga classes to stay fit. According to Marie Claire, Lopez is a big fan of Power Yoga.

To shed her baby weight, Lopez collaborated with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, devoting three days a week to long walks, push-ups and lunges. In so little time, her bikini body was back - and all over tabloids. Jennifer also practices Pilates. Her home in Miami allegedly features a Pilates room.

Beauty products: Lopez makes sure her skin stays fresh with a placenta collagen face mask by Plazan Cosmetics. For her moisturizer, Lopez likes Rose Day Cream by Dr. Hauschka Skincare. She is also reportedly a fan of Creme de la Mer and Rene Furterer hair products.

Cosmetic treatments: With her killer curves and flawless features, it's easy to see how Jennifer has been the victim of a gamut of plastic surgery rumors, ranging from a lip reduction to cheek implants.

One unconvincing source reported Jennifer had her breasts augmented to match her curvier backside; and yet another rumor came from sharp-eyed observers who reported a decided change in Lopez's nose shape from her early Fly Girl days. But all of these rumors are just that - rumors. Jennifer, who at one point said she was seriously considering going under the knife, insists that she's still 100% Jenny from the block.


"I haven't ever had any, and I don't really see myself having any, but I'm not at that point yet, so I don't know. I don't know how I'll feel when I'm 50. Maybe I'll think: 'You've gotten a little too wrong, it's time to fix it.' But I'm more of a natural person, and I believe in beauty not being so much an outside physical thing. Luckily, I'm so used to seeing myself everywhere now that I no longer obsess about the way I look."

iVillage, circa 2009

"Just like anybody, I try to watch what I eat. There's no big science to it, which is what sucks."

Marie Claire, May 2010