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Be proactive. To minimize wrinkles in adulthood, you'll have to adopt good skin care habits early on. Avoid direct sun exposure for long periods of time and during peak hours. Wear sunscreen with an SPF of at 15, higher if you are Fitzpatrick type I or II. Do not smoke, as this restricts circulation and causes wrinkles. Keep skin hydrated - moist skin is more flexible and less likely to crinkle and crease.

Product treatments: Wrinkles may respond to skin smoothing creams containing retinoids, a chemical closely related to vitamin A. Retinoids increase collagen production and decrease collagen degradation - a win-win for your skin. Retinoids increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun, so sunscreen is a must. If you're interested, ask your dermatologist about prescription creams like Tretinoin (sold as Renova, and Retin-A) or Tazarotene (sold as Tazorac, Avage, and Zorac).

Non-prescription creams with lower retinoid concentrations may also smooth wrinkles. Look for those that contain retinol - it contains a lower percentage of Retin-A, and is not as effective, but is more tolerable for sensitive skin.