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Varicose Veins

Recommended Treatments For Varicose Veins
Name Description Cost
Sclerotherapy Sclerotherapy is frequently used to remove small varicose veins - no more than one to four millimeters in diameter. This procedure involves injecting a varicose vein with saline solution. When...more Individual sclerotherapy sessions cost between $200 and $500. A nest of varicose veins can...more

Treatments Not Recommended
Name Description
Ablative laser skin resurfacing Ablative lasers destroy the surface of the skin and cannot be used to close off varicose veins.

Treatment options: Endovenous ablation can be used to close off and destroy varicose veins. The minimally invasive technology uses laser energy and radiofrequency to heat, burn, and banish the warped veins, and is 98% effective. The highly successful procedure carries with it an equally hefty price tag; it costs between $1,500 and $4,000.

Sclerotherapy is another treatment frequently used to removal varicose veins. This treatment involves injecting a varicose vein with a saline solution. When the solution enters the vein, the lining becomes irritated, causing the blood vessel to clot and collapse. The swollen vessel then dies and becomes less obvious.

The sclerotherapy injections cost an average of $200-$500 and are known to cause burning and cramping for several minutes.

Surgical treatments: Unlike spider veins, varicose veins can be removed by a surgical procedure that isolates and extracts the veins through an incision in the groin. Performed as early as the 1950s, this vein stripping process is done under anesthesia, though discomfort will most likely linger afterward.