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Unwanted Hair

Doctor's Terms

  • Anagen: the active growth period of the hair.
  • Telogen: the resting period

Information And Treatment

Whether bodily hair is wanted or unwanted is a matter of preference, but when hair grows where it's not wanted, there are numerous ways to eliminate the fuzz.

Excess hair growth can be blamed on androgens, a predominantly male hormone. Men tend to be hairier because they produce higher levels of androgens than women. When these levels increase in women, the physically harmless, albeit slightly embarrassing, hair condition can be triggered around the upper lip, chin, chest, belly, and back.

The condition is typically genetic, though female follicles may also flourish due to other hormonal disruptions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, weight gain or loss, menopause and diabetes. Medications that mess with hormone levels can also prompt a spike in hair growth.

Age range: Unwanted hair knows no age, but is more likely to occur after puberty.

Interesting Facts

The world's hairiest man, Yu Zhenhuan, is 96% covered by hair.