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Undereye Wrinkles

About what percentage of people experience bruising with Restylane under the eyes?

Richard Westreich (New York, NY) on Oct 20, 2011
The majority of patients do not experience bruising when receiving filler treatments anywhere on the face. Some areas, such as lips and under eye hollows, are more prone to bruising, since the filler goes into muscle and not fat. (There is no fat layer under the skin in those areas). Careful injection technique, use of ice before and after injection and avoidance of certain medications before and after treatment can help reduce the risk of bruising. In my experience bruising happens less then 1% of the time in the lower eyelid region. Avoid aspirin, NSAIDS (Motrin, Advil, ibuprofen, etc.), Omega 3 (fish oil), garlic pills, and certain herbal supplements for two weeks before and three days afterwards.