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Thinning Lips

Doctor's Terms

  • Labial sulcus: - the sulcus is the indentation between the lip and the gum. Doctors will swab your beloved painkiller in the sulcus with a Q-tip prior to injection.
  • Cupid's bow: the cupid's bow shape is often thought to be the optimal shape for the lips. It looks roughly like the shape of a bow, hence the name.
  • Philtral column: the philtral column is the vertical groove between the middle of the upper lip and the nose. A firm philtral column is quite important for the ever-popular youthful appearance.
  • Trout pout: when the lips are overfilled, they can look more like fish lips than human lips. This unattractive condition is colloquially termed the trout pout.
  • Vermilion border: simply put, the pink-to-red visible part of the lips. As you age, the vermilion border can become less defined and "bleed."

Information And Treatment

Sadly, while other body parts get bigger with age, lips have a tendency to thin. Lips are largely plumped with collagen, which supports the tissue in the lips. Collagen production slows down with age, and collagen can also break down when exposed to the UV radiation in sunlight. This loss of collagen causes the collapse and thinning of lips.

If you want plumper lips - or to reverse age-related lip thinning - you'll need to fill them back up. Fortunately, there is a wide array of fillers that can re-inflate your lovely lips.

Age range: The lips tend to thin noticeably by the age of 50.