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Stretch Marks

Can i get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy with a cream?

Nelson Novick (New York, NY) on Jun 30, 2011
Unfortunately, stretch mark creams, despite the advertising hype, largely fall into the category of "hope in a bottle." The precise nature of stretch marks remains elusive, but they can be thought of as a kind of collagen breakdown and scar formation under the surface of the skin, which gives rise to the crinkly, thin, slightly off-color skin problem we call striae distensae or simply stretch marks. Pregnancy, rapid growth spurts, and even intense exercise leading to large increases in muscle girth have all been known to give rise to the condition. A variety of creams and lotions, most containing simple moisturizers, have been touted--without medical substantiation--to prevent or improve the appearance of stretch marks. I have found the combined use of prescription-only topical agents containing retinoids and ammonium lactate when used for several months to be helpful in some cases. In my experience, in-office medical microneedling combined with subcision and the use of injectable agents, such as Radiesse can be quite effective for various kinds of stretch marks, particularly those in the abdominal area. Such treatments can be tailored to the type, extent and location of particular stretch marks.