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Stress & Anxiety

Information And Treatment

Stress is the body’s reaction to a perceived dangerous, upsetting or frightening situation. Stress can be acute or prolonged, and it can also be “good” or harmful. Prolonged, harmful periods of stress can cause physical harm, including headaches, muscle pain, nausea, depression, heart disease and a suppressed immune system. Cortisol, a hormone produced when the body is stressed, can kill cells needed for proper immune function. For example, people under stress are more vulnerable to the cold virus.

Several health & wellness treatments are good at relieving stress. These include yoga, massage and acupuncture. Massage, for example, induces a relaxation response, which combats the “fight or flight” response exacerbated by stress, thus reducing blood pressure and risk of heart disease, and bolstering the immune system. Yoga is believed to improve “mindfulness,” thus removing attention from perceived threats or dangers and reducing stress.